Subsea Engineering Consultants Services  

Subsea Technology Management

CheukSea provides management and engineering development of new subsea technologies that maximize offshore oil and gas reserve recovery, enhance project economic values and/or enable project development located in challenging offshore environment.

Properly selecting and utilizing appropriate technologies in a new offshore oil and gas development or existing operations can often maximize oil and gas reserve recovery, and in some applications the technologies will reduce subsea integrity risks. For example, using sensing technologies for downhole pressure and temperature gauges has been proven to enhance reservoir management which results in maximize reserve recovery. In another example, applying proper subsea chemical injection technology can provide accurate subsea chemical injection and injection monitoring and increase chemical injection availability which results in reducing integrity risks.

Other technology applications will enable subsea development projects that are located in challenging offshore environment and have project economic challenges.

CheukSea has extensive experience in subsea technologies and to assist clients to select, apply and integrate subsea technologies.